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Workshop on The Notion of Miracle and Unseen Contingency (Ghayb)

The workshop on “The Notion of Miracle and Unseen Contingency (Ghayb)” was organized by KURAMER between September 18th and 21st, in Sile Resort Hotel. Over 52 local and international researcher and academics, whose expertise is much appreciated in the fields, attended the workshop.

After Professor Ali Bardakoglu (Director of the Centre) welcomed the attendees, Professor Mehmet Sait Hatipoglu delivered an inaugural speech, to which he began by reiterating the principle of delivering the job to the expert. He stressed the necessity of conducting critical analysis and investigations in scholarly research, which means to analyse the sources independently from the sectarian (madhabi) conceptions, since it is not possible to come up with a solid intellectual growth by only passing through the entire corpus in the field of Islam Studies, which is magnificent but also has gone through turbulent course of events.

During the workshop, which lasted for four days, eight sessions were hold (two sessions for each day).

The first session, titled “Miracle in the Ancient Beliefs and Cultures”, in which three papers presented, was chaired by Professor Mehmet Katar:

Professor Kursat Demirci presented the paper, titled “Miracles in the Antiquity Belief Systems”.

Dr. Daniel Birnstiel presented his paper on “Miracle in Judaism”.

The last paper presented during this session belongs to Professor Mark Chalil Bodenstein, and discussed “Miracle in Christianity”.

The discussants of these three papers included Professor Levent Ozturk, Professor Omer Faruk Harman, Professor Fuat Aydin and Associate Professor Muhammed Tarakci.

The discussions in the second session were on “Miracle in Islam”. Mr. Hikmet Zeyveli, who is an author at the Centre, presented his paper, titled “Miracle in Qur’an and non-Qur’anic Islamic Narratives”. This session was chaired by Professor Yasar Duzenli and the discussants included Professor Murat Sulun, Professor Israfil Balci, Professor Omer Ozsoy, and Professor Musa Bagci.

On 19 September 2014, the session title was “Miracle during the Constitution of Islamic Sciences”. Professor Adnan Demircan presented his paper, titled “Some Considerations on the Perception of Miracle during the First Three Centuries of Islam History”. While Professor Bunyamin Erul chaired the session, the discussants included Professor Yusuf Sevki Yavuz, Professor Yasar Duzenli, Professor Mehmet Dag, and Professor Adem Apak.

The topic of second session, which was chaired by Professor Mustafa Ozturk, was “Science and Miracle”. In this session, Professor Aydin Isik presented his paper, titled “Revelation and Miracle as a Philosophical Problem”. This paper was discussed by Professor Burhanettin Tatar, Professor Hadi Adanali, Professor Omer Ozsoy, and Professor Necmettin Gokkir.

During the third day (20 September 2014) of this workshop series, the topic discussed in the first session referred as “Unseen Contingency (Ghayb) According to Philosophy and History of Religions”. In this session, Professor Hadi Adanali presented his paper, titled “Historical Consequence of Unseen Contingency (Ghayb) and Miracle from a Philosophical Point of View”. This paper was discussed by Professor Ilhami Guler, Professor Rahim Acar, and Professor Sait Recber while this session was chaired by Professor Burhanettin Tatar. Associate Professor Salime Leyla Gurkan presented her paper, titled “The Problem of Unseen Contingency (Ghayb) According to History of Religions on the Axis of Judaism and Christianity” and it was discussed by Professor Fuat Aydin, Professor Israfil Balci, and Professor Mehmet Katar.

The second session of the four-day workshop, which was chaired by Professor Omer Ozsoy, had its topic as “Qur’an and Unseen Contingency”. Professor Halis Albayrak presented his paper, titled “A chronological Reading of Unseen Contingency (Ghayb) in Qur’an” and it was discussed by Professor Omer Kara, Professor Israfil Balci and Professor Mustafa Ozturk.

The last two sessions of the workshop were convened on 21 September 2014. The topic of this session, which has the same title with paper presented by Professor Yusuf Sevki Yavuz, was “Unseen Contingency (Ghayb) During the Period when Islamic Sciences Were Constituted”. This session was chaired by Professor Mustafa Cagrici and the paper was discussed by Professor Levent Ozturk, Associate Professor Huseyin Hansu, Professor Mustafa Ozturk and Professor Mehmet Erdogan.

The last session, which had its topic as “Mankind and Unseen Contingency”, was chaired by Professor Mahmut Aydin. Professor Ilyas Celebi presented his paper, titled “Mankind’s Relationship with Unseen Contingency”, and it was discussed by Professor Cafer Karatas, Professor Ziya Sen, Professor Ali Dere, and Professor Ilhami Guler.

The papers and proceedings have been collected in two books and been published as “Miracle in the Language of Religion” and Unseen Contingency (Ghayb) in the Language of Religion”.