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The Project of Re-Founding Ancient Mecca and Medina Virtually (

Ermis started her speech by giving a brief introduction of her project “The Project of Re-Founding Ancient Mecca and Medina Virtually” and then she mentioned Sami Angawi’s activities, which she conducted to save cultural and historical heritage of Mecca and Medina from extinction. Sami Angawi is also the designer of this project and his endeavours in this respect began in 1975 with founding Hajj Research Centre. The aim of the Centre was to protect historical texture in the environment and to found a historical archive. After leaving this post in this Centre, Mr. Sami founded Ammar Architectural Heritage Centre in 1988. In this Centre, around 50.000 traditional architectural elements and structures were stored and the photos have been archived in accordance with advanced technological standards. The name of the Centre was changed to “Al-Makkiyah Al-Madaniyah Institute” in 2011.

Serap Ermis states that what is meant by Ancient Mecca and Medina in “The Project of Re-Founding Ancient Mecca and Medina Virtually” actually covers the Mecca and Medina during the period between Prophet’s time and before. She also stressed the fact that the project is not just about structures but commercial roads, places related to Hegira, war zones, cemeteries etc. Ms. Ermis stated that the database contained in the project was obtained from “Hajj Research Centre”, Mr. Sami’s personal archive and his Archaeological excavations. She said that she suggested to Mr. Sami that he should add several more subjects into the project and that this request was accepted.

She listed these suggestions as follows: to conduct scientific archaeological excavations in particular areas, especially in Mecca, Medina and Hejaz and thereby to obtain historical facts about the lifestyle, reading habits and knowledge of the people who lived in that era; to identify related works, which are present in the Ottoman Archives and libraries, and to put those into researchers’ benefits.

Ermis ended her speech with the following remark: “We hope to contribute to the Islamic Research by introducing new documents and sources of information to the research on Tafsir, and the milieu of revelations and seerah via adding these new areas into the project”.

Serap Ermiş

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