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The Places In Prophetic Biography (Seerah) Expedition

As part of KURAMER expedition series, three scholars in our staff have been to Hedjaz area in April, 2015. They investigated and photographed the places covered by Prophetic biography (Seerah).

This expedition had been made for mapping a detailed and reliable Geography of Prophetic Biography (Seerah). During the expedition, many places were visited and more than ten thousand images were taken by our staff. Besides, our staff attempted to discover some places, the locations of which were not detected or named properly. Throughout the expedition, our staff team covered nearly a distance of five thousand miles, and arrived at more than hundred places, forty of which are essential ones. At these places, almost 13 thousand GPS-aided photographs were taken in mapping the place covered by Prophetic biography (Seerah). Some of these places are as following:

  1. Mecca – Ghar al-Tharw
  2. Cuhfe- Reci’ Usfan Ebwa
  3. Ta’if – Karn’ul Menazil Zatı-ürk Nahle
  4. Ghar Hira – Jab’al Nour
  5. Medina Road
  6. Bedr and the vicinities
  7. Medina- Uhud- Ditches – Palace of Ka’ab Bin Ashraf – Ben’i Kurayza Clan
  8. Road of Hegira
  9. Hayber – Zukared – Zu’l Kassa

Our Mission reported the following considerations and preliminary results:

  • It is noted that many photographs of the sacred places have been published, web-sites have been gone online, several documentaries and films have been made recently within the supporting framework of the technological advances lately.
  • A significant portion of these works have been prepared in a non-scholarly manner, although they have been made on a bona fide basis. As a result of this, it has been observed that these suspicious visual and written data, about the places mentioned in Prophetic biography, have become popular and been used even in some scholarly works.
  • It is urgently required that the Geography of Prophetic Biography (Seerah) needs to be located and analysed on-site in a scholarly manner via the supporting technology.
  • It should be noted that the necessary documents and photos for the maps, which are being prepared in due time, should be obtained as part of the Qur’an – Prophetic Biography (Seerah) Project.
  • Hedjaz area has different geographical formations. These geographical formations constitute a significant function in locating and analysing Geography of Prophetic Biography.
  • Valleys constitute the most essential formations in this geography since they supply water and thereby living quarters.
  • Mecca has a rough terrain when it is compared to Medina, Ta’if, el-Ebva and Bedr.
  • It has been observed that water resources have a significant function in locating the settlements in Hedjaz area. Thereby, locating these settlements properly would contribute to reveal settlements which belong to the Jahiliyyah Era and the Era of Bliss.
  • It has been observed that lands in Hedjaz area are not barren. Particularly, it has been observed that there are shrubs in the highlands.
  • The visual data and other documents obtained during the expedition has been made use in preparing detailed and comprehensive maps about the places mentioned in Prophetic biography in a scholarly manner.
  • It has been understood that the places such as Uhud, Ditches, Huneyn, Evtas and Ukaz need to be relocated in the maps as a result of the data obtained during the expedition.
  • It has been observed that the visual data given in the secondary and high schools and the universities for the purposes of Prophetic biography education needs to be updated.

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The Places In Prophetic Biography (Seerah) Expedition