Activities Detail

Joint Workshop by Science Disciplines of KURAMER in SILE

Between October 4th and 7th, 2013, a Joint Workshop had taken place in Sile Resort Hotel with the full attendance of departmental authors and working groups. In order to generate a social milieu, our authors were invited with their families to this workshop, in which unique logos and posters were made. Our members conferred with each other about the latest status of the research in the four disciplines of science, the problems faced, the methodology and working schedule.

During the workshop, it has been suggested to convene workshops, seminars and conferences on the issues directly related to the research area of the four Science Disciplines including Revelation and Prophet-hood, The Nature of Divine Kalam, Parables, The Language of Religion from Ancient Religions to Qur’an, The Relationship between Qur’an and Sacred Book, Miracle, Non-Qur’anic Revelation, The Relationship between Sunnah and Revelation, Sunnah of God, Isra/Miraj, Naskh, Maqasid, Discussions on Universality and Historicity, The Issue about the Distortion of Ancient Divine Books, Intercession, Djinn and Metaphysical Beings, Methodology in Understanding Qur’an, Qur’an and Judaism, Law and Qur’an, The Milieu in which Qur’an Revealed.

The workshop began with the welcome speech by Centre’s Director Professor Ali Bardakoglu, on 4 October 2013 at 5 p.m. After briefing the audience on the general aims and projects of the Centre, Professor Bardakoglu provided the audience with updates on the status about the first phase of the activities. He explained the general scheme of the activities, the methodology and principles of the research, and also the problems and the timetable. The chancellor of the university, Professor Donmez also welcomed the audience and stressed the importance of KURAMER and its projects. After the speeches given by the members of Science Committee, the attendees expressed their ideas about the Centre.

The workshop proceeded on 5 October 2013 at 9 a.m. with the presentations, each of which is given by the respective officers of the Science Disciplines. Afterwards, Mehmet Apaydin delivered a comprehensive presentation about the KURAMER library application and demonstrated the use of this programme during the presentation. The attendees also expressed their ideas and questions about the application.

During the afternoon sessions of the workshop, the meetings went on in three groups. The departments, topics, contents, sources, issues and methodology of each Science Discipline were discussed separately by the members of each group.

On 6 October 2013, in the last day of the Workshop, Hikmet Zeyveli delivered a presentation in the joint meeting, on the Principles of Spelling and Transcription, which was prepared for the Centre and brought into discussion for the attendees. To come up with more positive results, it was agreed that the attendees need to state their ideas and suggestions in writing within the course of October. Afterwards, an agreement was reached on the future timetable and coordination of the Centre’s activities.