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Basic Principles

1. To avoid the problematic claim of being the sole representative of truth and act with the consciousness that the search for truth is a most valuable act in and of itself. 

2. To handle subjects of research and scholarly works with scientific independence and originality while adhering to scholarly principles and methods in research and publication. 

3. To present locally and internationally renowned Qur’an scholars with the opportunity to express their views and thoughts freely – provided that they do not represent KURAMER institutionally – and to regardthis process as indispensable for the development and exchange of ideas. 

4. To examine each research subject from an inquisitive perspective and with an understanding that pays attention to the rich repertoire of tradition, bearing today’s needs in mind, and that does not exclude and ignore contemporary scholarly studies. Moreover, to not avoid confronting our historical and intellectual heritage when required. 

5. To view the rich literature that focuses on understanding and interpreting the Qur’an and that treats variousschools of Islamic thought throughout Islamic history and its subject matter as an integral part of our cultural heritage, which should be utilized and opened to discussion and evaluation. 

6. To ensure that the research and studies that are to be conducted in various fields at the Center be prepared according to a content and methodology related to the main purpose of understanding the Qur’an. 

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