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The Center mainly aims to run, organize, and/or fund academic research to be performed for understanding the Qur’an based on scholarly studies and to share the resulting intellectual production with diverse audiences in various ways.  

1. To this end, the Center has the following short- and long-term goals: 

2. To designate research subjects and researchers in fields such as the History of the Qur’an and the mushaf, History, Philology, the History of Religions, ḤadīthSīra (Prophetic Biography), Aqāid(creed), Qur’anic Translation, Tafseer (exegesis), Fiqh(Islamic jurisprudence), Philosophy ofKalām/Islam; preparing and conducting projects on these subjects. 

3. To support domestic and international studies by researchers and doctoral candidates. 

4. To establish a research library, an electronic database of scholarly articles, and an archive in the field of Quranic Studies. 

5. To publish research conducted at KURAMER and also outside of KURAMER. 

6. To form an intellectual basis on which diverse perspectives and opinions in the field of Quranic Studiescan be discussed and assessed freely, as long as their academic responsibility lies with the researcher/academic in question and not with KURAMER. 

7. To organize conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums in which academic and contemporary themes relating to the Qur’an in particular and to Islamic sciences in general may be discussed; to publish the discussions and the papers presented on these platforms and share them with the general public. 

8. To collaborate with various academic and research institutes that are active in Quranic Studies in Turkey and abroad. 

9. To create a Museum of the History of the Qur’an and the Mushaf.  

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